Episode 122

Disaster Preparedness with Beth Yokohara

Note: This episode’s interview was recorded before the earthquake on the 16th of March, and our conversation about disaster preparedness does not talk about this latest big earthquake. I thought that would sound a bit weird for listeners so I spent a few minutes in the beginning of this episode discussing my family’s experience of this latest big earthquake. We were lucky to not experience any major damage or injury, and thank you to everyone who reached out to check and see if we were all ok. 

As we pass the 11th anniversary of the 3-11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown, it’s a great time of year to refresh your memory of what to do when disaster strikes as well as check your preparations and have discussions with family about what actions you will take. Beth and Jayne have a fun but important discussion about this and how it has helped them to feel less anxious and more in control despite the sheer number of natural disasters that happen in Japan. 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Beth has transitioned back to living in Australia after 14 years in Japan
  • What is WaNavi and why you should know about what they do
  • Why preparing for disasters actually helps you to feel more relaxed
  • Some of Beth’s top tips for preparing for a natural disaster wherever you are in the world

About Beth:

Beth is an Australian who lived in Japan for 14 years. After experiencing the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 as a first-time mother, Beth attended WaNavi Japan’s first charity Earthquake Preparedness Workshop and was inspired to join WaNavi. Beth has been on the Board of Directors since its establishment in 2011. She has a BA in Psychology and a Dip Ed in Primary Education and has worked in Primary school settings in Australia and Japan. She is currently studying Emergency and Disaster Management at Charles Darwin University and working as Primary Teacher whilst residing in Adelaide, Australia. Beth uses her expertise to work with schools, embassies, community groups, and companies in Japan, providing Earthquake Preparedness, Life-skills and Bilingual Cultural Workshops.

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Connect with Beth:

Website: http://www.wanavi.org/ & contact@wanavi.org

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IG: http://www.instagram.com/wanavijapan2011/

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PodLaunch with Jayne: https://www.jaynenakata.com/podcastconsulting

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